Create a fitImage

To create a fitImage you need a .its file. Luckily YoctoProject creates this file for us. You find in the deployed image folder (e.g. hancock-os/shared-build/tmp/deploy/images/am335x-nmhw21/fitImage-its-am335x-nmhw21.its).

In this file, you will find this line in the kernel section:

data = /incbin/("linux.bin");

This tells us what the filename of your legacy kernel (zImage, uImage, Image) needs to be called.

You will also find this line in the dtb section:

data = /incbin/("arch/arm/boot/dts/am335x-nmhw21-prod1.dtb");

This tells us where the the dtb is expected.

Steps (nmhw21)

  1. Create a folder structure that looks like this:

|-- fitImage-its-am335x-nmhw21.its
|-- linux.bin ( --> your kernel image)
|-- arch/arm/boot/dts/am335x-nmhw21-prod1.dtb
  1. To create the fitimage now run in your folder:

mkimage -f fitImage-its-am335x-nmhw21.its fitImage