Release Notes

OEM Linux 1.7.0 / 29-Dec-2023

Added features

  • OEM Linux: neo-m9 support
    • neo-m9: save on shutdown verification

  • OEM Linux: lara-l6 firmware update
    • Firmware Update: Add support in OEM linux to upgrade lara firmware

  • Lara L6 Smart Temperature is enabled on OEM Linux

  • Kernel maintenance: update to v5.10.205

  • Yocto maintenance: update to yocto-3.1.30

Fixed Bugs

  • #382539 imx8: CodeAurora Repositories not available anymore

  • #418052 wwan-config: toby-l2: usb device does not always disappear after shutdown

OEM Linux 1.6.5 / 24-Mar-2023

Added features

  • kernel maintenance: update to v5.10.176

  • wwan: compatibility with latest toby-l2 firmware: v17.00,A01.02
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Please update all toby-l2 modems to the latest firmware!

Removed features

  • eUICC support

Fixed Bugs

  • #364178 iperf in revers udp reboots device

  • #365665 am335x shutdown is hanging forever

OEM Linux 1.6.4 / 10-Mar-2023

Fixed Bugs

  • #373444 VCUpro: RS232/RS485 selector pin misbehavior

  • #373448 VCUpro: RTS gets activated as soon as the port is closed (RS232 mode)

  • #375849 OEM Linux fails to build minimal image

OEM Linux 1.6.3 / 17-Feb-2023

Fixed Bugs

  • #366277 fct: hw25: can’t remove names of unused GPIOs

  • #366279 fct: hw24: pps supprt for timepulse test missing

  • #366281 fct: hw24: sensors configuration lacks ignition-voltage

  • #366284 fct: hw25: sensors configuration

OEM Linux 1.6.2 / 6-Feb-2023

Added features

  • kernel maintenance: update to v5.10.166

Fixed Bugs

  • #359191 OEM Linux: Release Pipeline wrongly fails with “Tag already exists”

  • #359204 OEM Linux: Release Pipeline corrupts srcrev entries in recipes

  • #359226 U-Boot Repository Redundancy: some recipes were referencing wrong internal repo

  • #359227 Release Pipeline is failing while syncing legacy repos

  • #359229 OEM Linux: Release Pipeline did not send a slack notification after repo sync stage failed

  • #359376 wwan-config is crashing with LARA-L6 when a default APN is configured

  • #359419 Aurix Update Failure: not reproducible

OEM Linux 1.6.1 / 23-Jan-2023

Added features

  • OEM Linux: Modem Lara-L6 Support
    • kernel: enable lara-l6 detection

    • modemmanager: ublox lara-l6 support

  • OEM Linux: neo-m9 support
    • neo-m9: nmubxlib update

    • neo-m9: gnss-mgr update

  • kernel maintenance: update to v5.10.164 and v4.14.303

Known Issues

  • #359376 wwan-config is crashing with LARA-L6 when a default APN is configured

OEM Linux 1.6.0 / 28-Nov-2022

Added features

  • OEM Linux: eUICC support

  • Added support for NG800, board v3.2 and new machine based on this board (hw26-vcupro)

  • kernel maintenance: kernel: update to v5.10.149 and v4.14.295

Fixed Bugs

  • [81329] kernel: can: backported mainline implementation for 64 bits messages objects to replace custom NetModule implementation which had a bug

OEM Linux 1.5.2 / 30-Jun-2022


  • Nothing


  • [80015] yocto: Remove all dependencies to MACHINE variable when building the kernel, allowing better reusability of the kernel for different hardware sharing the same kernel

  • [80088] yocto: using a shared sstate mirror

  • [80137] wwan-config: Small code readability improvements

  • [80391] linux: Updated with latest security patches to 5.10.126

  • [79481] HW17: integrated in our OEM Linux yocto environment

  • [80072] OEM Linux: get rid of release revisions include file (set in recipes)

  • [79425] yocto: Updated community layers with latest security patches

  • [79996] linux: Updated with latest security patches to 5.10.120 and 4.14.282

  • [79987] yocto: Reorganization of the kernel recipes to split different versions of the kernel


  • [80178] wwan-config: Fixed rare cases where the modem stayed poweroff forever

  • [80331] yocto: Fixed deployment of netmodule-fitimage when building entirely from sstate

Known Issues

  • [77282] hw23: dhcp bootarg is not supported