Release Notes

[1.4.0] - 2021.09.21


  • [74480] SSF: added watchdog feature also verifying the kernel modules NOTE: - due to a PMIC silicon bug, we are currently using the CPU watchdog. LIMITATION: - HW23: with the usage of the CPU watchdog the start reason reason is reboot in case of a watchdog reset.


  • [74454] yocto: Openembedded layers were updated to included latest security patches
  • [74439] kernel 4.19 updated to 4.19.204 kernel 4.14 updated to 4.14.244
  • [74466] yocto distro layer is now reorganized and legacy recipes have been removed
  • [62527] kernel: Removed non relevant error message about IMU driver
  • [73593] yocto: The images recipes were reorganized and splitted into different packagegroups
  • [74357] yocto: Merged and simplified u-boot recipes
  • [73589] netmodule-distro: Cleaned and organized distro.conf
  • [73286] Updated kernel to 4.19.194
  • [73360] SSF: there is now a maximum request time of 60s for “extend-shutdown-delay”.
  • [74210] Kernels were updated with security fixes (4.19.202 and 4.14.243)
  • [70551] Linux kernel: All devices will now reboot when the kernel is crashing


  • [74573] minimal image: Size of the image has been reduced by removing the kernel from rootfs
  • [74327] yocto: Fix dependency between chrony and gpsd recipes

Known Issues